About Us

A little about us and our instructors

Welcome to Saint Cannat Polo Club – the oldest polo club in the south of France, founded by Alain Girard in 1974. Saint Cannat offers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for both local and visiting players. The club caters for complete beginners as well as experienced players and is very proud of its unique facilities, which permit polo on well-maintained grass fields all year round.


Alain Girard

Alain has over forty-five years teaching experience in the equestrian field and has competed competitively in the disciplines of Eventing and Endurance. He was instrumental in the development of polo in France connecting the sport with the French Equestrian Federation. He has taken teams to the finals of National Paddock Polo Championships ten times, winning on two occasions and hosting on one.

Olivier Girard

Olivier currently holds an international 5-goal handicap and has been playing polo professionally for over twenty years. During his early career he played with the Gracidas in Palm Beach. There he gained invaluable experience in high goal polo. In 1995 he introduced Corrine Schuler to the sport and they played a number of seasons together before Corrine decided to set up her club in Saint Tropez. Olivier managed the creation of the club and its polo until 2001. Following this he played and managed private polo in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

Saint Cannat has always been Olivier’s base for his horses and their training. Olivier now runs his home club in Saint Cannat, playing and providing sought after tuition on quality horses.


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